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about me

A Venetian by birth, I have always considered myself to be a citizen of the world.
My initial encounter with the art of photography was in September 1972, during a visit to the Isles of Aran in Ireland where I was working as interpreter and continuity person for the documentary 'Aran Islands' being made forty years after the Robert O'Flaherty film 'The Man from Aran'.
During pauses in the filming I enjoyed taking shots of a reality greatly different from my own, thus discovering that through the outlet of photography, I could express my interest and curiosity in the unfamiliar.
This desire to know and understand, which had become almost a necessity, induced me to cross the five continents as a witness of my time in a constant quest to interpret and document the moment. I have consistently written my own commentaries and it is in this form of photojournalism that I found the ideal means of self-expression.
Between one journey and another, and after having gained a more rational outlook and a greater awareness, I concentrated on photographing my home town with views of a secret, unknown Venice, far away from the tourist itineraries, and, because of this, more genuine and intimate; an everyday unfolding of time, events, people.
From this indissoluble bond emerges a wholly personal view and interpretation with monumental Venice rising like a natural continuum in an incomparable setting as can be seen in the images captured during a summer evening concert at the Doge's Palace or at the 'Marciana' area during a night of rain.
My photographic work is known throughout Italy and abroad.

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