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aran islands

In September 1972 I was in Ireland to make a television movie about the Isles of Aran, three small islands of fishermen and emigrants lost in the Atlantic Ocean, which, about forty years earlier, the film director Robert J. Flaherty, American by adoption but Irish by birth, had made famous with his film “Man of Aran”. I had a small crew with me which included Etta Lisa Basaldella who was at the beginning of her television...     read more>


sing sing: a festival of peace

Etta Lisa Basaldella met the Papuan people in the beginning of 1980 during one of her many journeys abroad. On this occasion she witnessed a thanks-giving festivity celebrating a peace treaty agreed upon by the inhabitants of two villages following a seven year conflict.
The images which Etta Lisa took and which we see today impress us not only for their technical perfection...     read more>



“In pain thou shalt bring forth children”, the Old Testament maintains this and over the millennia it has proved to be true. But then, when the world was still at the dawn of civilization, the mother/child relationship established itself as one of the most tenacious and satisfying for both, until, in western society, from the Greek tragedies up to the time of Shakespeare, the sins of civilization, with incest and consequent disasters...     read more>